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127 Illuminated Windows
E-Team (Franziska Lamprecht, Hajoe Moderegger, Daniel Seiple)
Light sculpture
LMCC World Views Short Term Project, North Face of 1 World Trade (Floors 89-95)
March 29, 2001

The name of our collaboration, E-TEAM, is generic. To illuminate it on the North face of Tower 1, World Trade Center, we would use the windows between the 89th and 95th floors like elements in an LCD. It would require 279 darkened and 127 lit windows, and the help of those respective offices. We contacted 14 businesses and provided them with floor plans detailing which blinds to open and close. The support we received from the offices and their employees was integral to illuminating our name.

Meeting with offices

Proposal sketch (Digital collage)

Floor plans for each floor of windows

Closing and opening blinds on the evening of illumination